Master International Master In Luxury Management (Imlux) en Extranjero

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  • Tipo de Master:Master
  • Modalidad:Presencial
  • Fecha inicio: Matrícula Abierta
  • Fecha fin:Matrícula Abierta
  • Precio: 15000 €
  • Lugar: Milano (Extranjero)

In partnership with NEOMA Business School, France 


The Luxury goods industry deals specifically with the desire for excellence and the exceptional, and has shown in recent years to be an exceptionally resilient industry. Largely due to growing demand in the Asian market and relatively consistent demand from traditional markets, the luxury industry has continued to display promising growth trends in clear contrast to the performance of comparable industries over the last few years. However, in spite of this, the field of luxury management is largely not covered by traditional studies in managerial theory. 
The International Master in Luxury Management is a 12 monthprogramme developed in partnership with NEOMA Business School. The students of IMLUX aredividing their time between studying in Reims, the capital and largest city of the Champagne region in France, and Milan, one of the world’s premier fashion centres.
The course, entirely taught in English, will teach students the importance of combining traditional managerial practices and theories with concepts and methodologies required to meet the needs of the modern luxury goods industry. This requires superior and outstanding craftsmanship, excellent and cutting edge design skills, unique customer experience delivery throughout all interactions withcustomers, and the building of a strong meaning through branding.
These are achieved through a number of formative and hands-on methodologies, including:
• Teaching and instilling the fundamentals of luxury management, with special attention paid to the supplementation of skills and knowledge essential to luxury brand management and therefore not typically taught in conventional management studies.
• Providing outlets for students to get in touch with key players in the industry, allowing for the development of meaningful connections and networking opportunities.
• Providing students with opportunities to gain working experience in cooperation with luxury based companies to assist in the progression of working aptitude and skills.


International Master In Luxury Management (Imlux)

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