Master International Máster In Multichannel Marketing Management (Im4) en Extranjero

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  • Tipo de Master:Master
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  • Lugar: Milan (Extranjero)

The International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management is a programme that aims to develop the knowledge and skills that a future manager working in marketing should have. This is achieved during the master by a combination of activities that aim to build a theoretical background for the participant but also enable them to apply this knowledge and skills in the real business world, with a particular focus on the Italian best practices.Moreover, thanks to the unique collaboration with IBM, Nielsen, OTB andUM McCann,students will enter in direct contact with the company, through Business Seminars, Lectures, Workshops and Business Games.
The course is a 12 month Masterprogramme offered by MIP Politecnico di Milano that seeks to instruct students on managerial topics relevant to the Marketing Management with special focus on today's important areas such as Digital Marketing, Big Data and Customer Experience.
The Master aims at developing in candidates:
• The ability to design and manage valuable customer experiences (with a special sensitivity derived by continuous relationships with Italian and multinational companies at the forefront of experiential marketing)
• The ability to exploit the opportunities in communication, promotion and distribution enabled by ICTs and big data
• The ability to develop marketing accountability in order to quantify and effectively measure returns on marketing investments
• The ability to combine managerial skills and creativity, interacting with the operations, R&D and Finance & Control to develop sustainable innovations and continuous improvement in customer relationships. 



International Máster In Multichannel Marketing Management (Im4)

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