Master Mba Internacional - Bilingüe en Barcelona

Masters y Formación de EADA Internacional

Master Mba Internacional - Bilingüe en Barcelona

  • Dirección:Calle Carrer Aragó 204 . (Barcelona)
  • Tipo de Master:Master
  • Modalidad:Presencial
  • Fecha inicio: 01/09/2018
  • Fecha fin:Matrícula Abierta
  • Precio: 36000 €
  • Lugar: Barcelona (Barcelona)


The MBA Internacional - Bilingüe has two core MBA modules in Spanish or English, one specialisation module in English, and a fourth optional exchange module, choosing between more than 29 partner schools worldwide (flight and accommodation included):

The MBA Internacional - Bilingüe program also includes a final business project, a personal development and executive coaching and business language skills in English/Spanish.


You can choose in wich area will you specialise:

1. Global Innovation Management
We define innovation as the ability to reap benefits from creativity and use them to a competitive advantage. Innovation is one of the best ways to accelerate change and a key tool in adapting to global surroundings. This path of development includes an international business trip to Bangalore, India.

2. Customer Experience & Multichannel Management
Distribution analyses the way in which a product or service arrives at its final destination. Recent technological advances have changed the digital ecosystem, how we buy and through which channels. As a result, it is important to understand the direction in which future businesses are heading. Participants will take part in an international business trip to Hong Kong, China.

3. Structured Finance & Energy
The relationship between the finance and energy sectors is strategically important on a global level. This path of development will concentrate on the interaction between the two and the resulting impact on the business world, including an international business trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Mba Internacional - Bilingüe

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